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Spoilers because I can cut-tag here!

Like a message in a bottle tossed into a boundless sea, I will cast my spoilery snark here behind a cut.

The Force AwakensCollapse )


First of all, everything at Still So Strange Studios has been deeply discounted for the holidays.

But, that is not the only reason I have called you all here today.

I have purchased many beautiful necklaces from elisem over the years. Many of them have given me stories, but too many have been languishing in my jewelry box for years, not spreading delight in the world as they should. So with their maker's blessing, I'm now offering them to new homes. I purchased most of them on sale or through the Artist Challenge program, so I'm passing those savings on to you. (Also, silver has tarnished over the years. I'll polish them as best I can before I send them on, but they may never sparkle quite as bright.)

"Big Bad Frog Witch" (Recent photo) $100

"Circus Angel II", which gave me my story "Catch." (Recent photo) $100 SOLD!

"Doll With a Ghost In It". 153 inches long, and full of stories. (Recent photos) $150

"The Etiology of Angst In Angels, Volume II", sandcast glass, mother of pearl, glass, dyed shell, moonstone, aquamarine, mysterious recycled bead and spacers, sterling silver. About 52 inches long. (Recent photo) $100

"Somewhere In The Sky", glass, labradorite, picasso jasper, moss agate, various stones; someone described this as neo-Victorian mourning jewelry, which has a good bit of truth to it. (Current photos) $100

"Summer-Colored Where The Bones Shine Through" I don't have the original description of this. It's long, and full of things. I can measure it if anyone's interested. Current photos) $150

If you're interested, please email me at exoblivione AT gmail DOT com. I have PayPal and Google Wallet, or we can work something out. Shipping is $10 (including insurance) in the US and $15 for Canada. For overseas sales I'll calculate shipping as needed.

I don't have the original cards for most of these, but I'll recreate them to the best of my ability.

Vampire movies have risen from the grave!

I have returned to Operation: Vampire Movies at last. One day I will see them all!

The updated listCollapse )

I think I've seen Dracula, Dead and Loving It. How could I not have? But somehow I never saw Rockula until last month, so it's possible. Also not listed is whatever awful C-grade recent movie we recently watched whose name totally escapes me. It was bad.

My HPLFF schedule

I leave for Portland tomorrow (now today)! I'll get in too late to attend the VIP party, but in time to dance at the Lovecraft Bar. My official schedule is as follows. Otherwise I’ll be watching movies or hanging out at the after parties.


8:00 – 9:00 PM, Classroom – Reading (with Orrin Grey and Alex Renwick)


10:00 AM – Noon, EOD main/Classroom – Carbload For Cthulhu mass signing

8:00 – 9:00, EOD main – Sexuality and Lovecraft (Downum, Peterson, Cook, Smiley, Joshi)


10:00 AM – Noon, Sam’s Hollywood Billiards – Cthulhu Prayer Breakfast (I won't be doing anything here but eating breakfast and drinking mimosas.)

Virtue is mine

Today I have:

* Reached 60,000 words on The Poison Court.
* Hung up cobwebs in the kitchen.
* Scrubbed the bathtub
* Gone to the gym.

I see a celebratory cocktail in my future.

Your blood like ice

The Poison Court has now reached 56,000 words, and you'll all be happy to know that I have finally poisoned someone. In case you worried it was merely a metaphorical poison.

Progress, glorious progress

A very good writing day today (3500 words), bringing The Poison Court to 50,000 words. We owe this great outpouring to Varis, who becomes quite loquacious when you throw enough problems at him, and also a cute boyfriend.

Binging on atevi books makes me mindful of the dangers of piling more and more characters into a series, but I keep filling more positions at court, and introducing new ambassadors. And I do like Varis's boyfriend, and it would be nice to keep him around for a while.

The city shimmered around them, moving in and out of focus. Walls faded and darkened again. Buildings changed shape. The skyline rose and fell. Streets broadened, narrowed, widened once more. Cobbles gave way to muddy ruts, dry earth, and then back to stone.

“The city is restless tonight,” the kardi said. “She cannot find a skin that suits her. The country is simpler—it knows its shape, and changes only slowly.”

The shadow city teemed with movement, if not precisely life. Little spirits skittered and chirped. Ghosts like pale gossamer drifted past—some lost and aimless, others searching, some prowling hungry. Some recognized Varis as a living mage and recoiled or eyed him warily. A few moved toward him, hands raised to threaten or implore, but his companion bared her shining teeth and they retreated again.

Bookkeeping 2015, cont'd

1. Dark Places - Gillian Flynn
2. Red Delicious - Kathleen Tierney/Caitlin R. Kiernan
3. The English Girl - Daniel Silva
4. Critical Space - Greg Rucka
5. Foreigner - C.J. Cherryh (reread)
6. Invader - C.J. Cherryh
7. Dark Dance - Tanith Lee (reread)
8. Inheritor - C.J. Cherryh

9. Precursor - C.J. Cherryh

10. Ancillary Justice - Anne Leckie

I was thoroughly charmed by this book.

11. Cocaine Blues - Kerry Greenwood

Here, though, I am thoroughly smitten. Isyllt wants to be BFFs with Phryne Fisher very badly.

12. Defender - C.J. Cherryh

This was the first Atevi book that dragged for me. My goodness, such drag. Still quite pleasant, but this felt very much like a transitional chapter or three dragged out to novel length.

13. Explorer - C.J. Cherryh

The first half of this one was also slow, and then all the fun happened! So much fun!

14. Hellboy, a volume whose title currently escapes me - Mike Mignola

15. Hellboy: The Troll Witch and Others - Mike Mignola

16. The Wicked + the Divine: The Faust Act - Kieron Gillen

I see many people in love with this series so far. I am not. It was amusing and interesting, but I didn't engage with the worldbuilding particularly, and I was left with no real sense of the stakes.

17. Destroyer - C.J. Cherryh

Another volume that felt like a very long transition. And by now Bren's stress indigestion has moved through comedic into annoying repetition. But binge reading is rarely flattering. You'll note I don't stop.

18. Pretender - C.J. Cherryh

And my heart the shape of a begging bowl

Two updates. Or maybe three.

1. Still So Strange Studios is now a functioning Etsy shop.

2. I have launched a Patreon campaign. This is specifically intended to help lift the weight of the world a fraction of an inch so I can finish The Poison Court in a timely fashion. Savedra partisans, please check it out.

3. I haven't been quite as slack at blogging as this LJ indicates. Right now the Necromancer Chronicles is getting the bulk of my updates while I'm trying to shake the kinks out of my primary website.

Bookkeeping 2015

1. Dark Places - Gillian Flynn
2. Red Delicious - Kathleen Tierney/Caitlin R. Kiernan
3. The English Girl - Daniel Silva
4. Critical Space - Greg Rucka
5. Foreigner - C.J. Cherryh (reread)
6. Invader - C.J. Cherryh

And with Invader, I fell in love with the series.

7. Dark Dance - Tanith Lee (reread)

My very first Tanith Lee was Darkness, I, which I found on the new releases shelf at the Austin library back in the day. It was an odd place to come into the Scarabae. I didn't track down the first two for many years. I was very frustrated with Dark Dance the first time through, specifically with Rachaela and what I took as her passivity at the time. This time around, however, I find myself much more in sympathy with her, sometimes painfully so. The prose is exquisite, of course, though the pacing is sometimes a bit...statelier...than one might wish.

The first draft of Dreams contained a Scarabae homage, which I finally cut to streamline things. It's absence makes me sad, now, and I hope to find it a good home in another book.

8. Inheritor - C.J. Cherryh

Yup. Still quite smitten.

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