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"The trick is not minding that it hurts."

I have lost the ability to write coherent essays, so I will break up my thoughts with bullets instead.

* Michael Fassbender. Seriously. So amazing. Even casual readers of this LJ may have picked up on my affection for him, but his performance as David was more than even I expected. And I am completely on David's side.

* I nearly cried when the Space Jockey/Engineer helmet was removed for the first time.** I am deeply invested in this universe.

* This movie is gorgeous. My only gripe about the visuals was Guy Pearce's makeup--I find it amusing that between CG and prosthetics, movies can manage amazing alien landscapes and beautiful monsters, but can't achieve a good human senescence.

* Charlize Theron was robbed. She did well with what she had, but there was a great dynamic between her and David and Weyland that was woefully underutilized. Also, her death was Mad Max levels of stupid.

* Obnoxious boyfriend was obnoxious, and my glee at his demise wasn't worth the suffering.

* Shaw's pregnancy felt a bit wobbly all around. The revelation of her infertility was gracelessly done, timing-wise. If we could have had that slipped in earlier (with less crying), it would have been less ham-fisted. (And if she could have had sex with someone less obnoxious than Charlie, that would have been great too. Alas, plot.) On the one hand, it was interesting to have the first implantation of a human be one that wasn't an act of immediate violence and violation (only second-hand violation). Also, if it were LV 426*, that would mean make Shaw the direct mother of the xenomorphs we all love, and that would be fantastic. But instead the whole thing never came together strongly enough for me, and the medpod surgery--or her amazing recovery afterward--was the one place where I couldn't suspend my disbelief. Also, I assume the gender-setting on the medpod was meant to be a clue about Weyland, but we already knew about him, so that felt pointless.

* I adored the ending. And not just because sailing through space on a Giger Nouveau starship with Michael Fassbender is about the best afterlife I can imagine.

* Do we think altering star charts to cover their tracks is beyond Weyland-Yutani? I'm not quite convinced.

** I would have been happier if humanity's forebears hadn't been so...white.

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