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X is for Xenomorphs

We saw the Prometheus trailer before Cabin in the Woods, and it is a million times more breathtaking on the big screen. It looks beautiful and visceral and awe-full, and I am praying to Giger and all the alien gods that it will not disappoint me. That it will be the xenomorph chaser than we all need after Avatar. Not to mention the wrong-kind-of-horror that has been the AVP films.

It looks foolproof from the trailers. My real concern is that it might not bring something new to the source material, which was the failing of The Thing prequel. Except, of course, that artificial Fassbender is worth the price of admission automatically, and I would watch Noomi Rapace eat sandwiches and recite her grocery list. And at least from the trailer, it seems to balance the claustrophobic horror of Alien with gorgeous alien landscapes designed to remind us how fragile and insignificant humanity really is.

Only five more weeks of holding my breath...
Tags: memery, movies, st. giger, xenomorph chaser
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