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Hearts: not bitter at all

Bone Palace UK
The "Recent Entries" tab mocks me with inaccuracy.

Progress continues! Pieces fall into place!

In other exciting news, today I made anticuchos de corazon for the first time, and it was delightful. Although I'm not sure how you mess up anything as lovely as beef heart.

Also also, today my story "Snakebit" went live at Strange Horizons. I was so enamored of hearts I nearly missed it. There is also a podcast! This is so fancy!

So many things. All the things.

Bone Palace UK
Things I have done today include:

Taken Agent J to therapy.
Returned her to school.
Gone to the store.
Made an appointment to have a corgi groomed.
Got an oil change.
Registered for Warrior Dash.
Poked Poison Court and made some notes.
Done three loads of laundry. (At once. I'm sorry--I'm that asshole today.)
Walked to the grocery store.
Started borscht, to deal with my farmshare beet problem.

Now I fall over for a bit, but in a few minutes I'll get up, put my laundry away, and clean up the beet crime scene in the kitchen. At some point after that I will eat borscht, put on my Pogues shirt, and go out for a drink. Because I deserve it.

Time is a flat circle.

Bone Palace UK
Everything we've ever done or will do, we're gonna do over and over and over again.

I will always be writing Dreams of Shreds & Tatters.

I will always be revising Dreams of Shreds & Tatters.

I will always be selling Dreams of Shreds & Tatters.

I am thrilled to announce that arcaedia and I have sold Dreams of Shreds & Tatters to Solaris.

More details to follow after the book mines.

Many things make a post

Bone Palace UK
Today feels so productive it warrants a post!

So far I have:

* Taken Agent J to her weekly therapy session.
* Gone to the dentist to have my crown reattached. Because spending the weekend without a tooth was very traumatic.
* Written half on an introduction which I owe someone very soon. But it's half done now!
* Tidied the apartment.
* Planned a dinner with the neighbors tomorrow night and bought the appropriate groceries.
* Learned how to make chocolate ganache truffles. Only in theory so far, but this theory will be tested soon. Oh yes.
* Made "What the hell is in the fridge?" soup. Answer: split peas, sausage, parsley, and beet greens.

Next I'll make tea, chill, and wait for a friend to get home so we can watch True Detective. About which I have Serious Feelings, as any of you who suffered through Dreams with me might well imagine.


Bone Palace UK
I am, I swear. I even survived Run For Your Lives with matociquala on Saturday, despite it being 28 degrees (F) out, and me having a raging sinus infection.

I will have News soon, on both the writing and personal fronts, but for now I am biding my time and VagueBooking. I was going to haul out the first lines meme tonight, but I am le tired, and must open a bookstore in the morning.

The state of the demon

Bone Palace UK
This is an update for anyone interested in the state of my IUD. Because I know so many of you are.

Cut for terrifying feminine mysteriesCollapse )

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Damascus katabasis

Bone Palace UK
Villa DamascusRound about the castle a thorn-hedge grewWhat lurks in the cellar?
The fallen-down timbers of a spooky old barnPomegranatesPomegranate and old bonesCreepy cisternTotally full of ghouls
The conservatoryI don't even...
The wall was next to die.

Damascus katabasis, a set on Flickr.

Still alive! I'm currently working on expanding the synopsis for The Poison Court to make it proposal-worthy. This is exactly as much fun as you might imagine synopsizing an unwritten novel to be.

Running continues. I'm up to 5.5 miles now, and hope to make 6 this weekend. My right knee is giving me grief now, but at least I know how to deal with it.

2013 continues to be a crazy game show where my personal life is concerned, but that builds character, right? We've managed to keep Agent J alive, at least, so that's something.

An adventure has presented itself, in the form of a friend's new old house. The Villa Damascus is a lovely old house in the middle of nowhere. I'm helping with renovations in exchange for having writer-in-residence privileges. A hundred-year-old house with a pomegranate tree and a creepy cistern? It's hard to get more awesome than that. Once we get rid of that awful longhorn mural, anyway.

Happy Mabon!

Bone Palace UK
Or other equinoctial celebration of your choice. I'll be spending the day at work, followed by a witches' night out with many friends. That seems like a well-balanced day.

Octavia, cont'd

Bone Palace UK
Octavia, cont'd by Amanda Downum
Octavia, cont'd, a photo by Amanda Downum on Flickr.

On Tuesday I took Octavia to get her tentacles done. The lighting in this photo washes her out a bit, but now she has lovely electric blues and purples, not to mention eyes. We go back in November for what will hopefully be the last round of color and shading.

I'm already daydreaming about a skeleton pin-up girl on my right arm to balance things out. And trying to figure out how I can manage that without covering the inside of my elbow. Because ouch.

This is just to say...

Bone Palace UK
I am in fact still alive. I had a great time at WorldCon, and promptly came down with con crud and failed to post about it.

Today I wrote a synopsis for The Poison Court and sent that and a partial to the Fabulous Agent. Tomorrow I get more color added to Octavia. Other cool things of a not-yet-speakable nature may also be happening soon. Updates to follow.

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